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Musanze Rwanda

Discover the Towns of Rwanda

Musanze is the fourth largest town in Rwanda and is quickly growing into a bustling metropolis with Ruhengeri being the capital city. The district is one of thirty districts in all of Rwanda and one of five districts in the Northern Province. The Northern Province is the smallest province in Rwanda (other than the city of Kigali), but it is also the most densely populated with an estimated (as of 2009) 1,650,704 inhabitants. Each district in Rwanda is divided into Sectors, which are then divided into Cells, which are split up into Umudugudus or Villages. The Musanze district is split up into 15 Sectors, 68 Cells, and 432 Umudugudus/Villages, which brings the population to approximately 350,069 inhabitants. It is prominently known for its massive Montane terrain as well as the popular Volcanoes National park with its headquarters at Kinigi. The park is famously known to inhabit various primates with the Mountain Gorillas being the major ones that attract tourists from all over the globe. The Town also includes 5 of the 8 Volcanoes of Africa making it very exceptional to visit by all kinds of travelers.

Gorilla Trekking Safaris Rwanda

Transferring for Gorilla Trekking Safaris to Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park, book a car with Us to drive you comfortably to this destination to enjoy the best safari vacation adventure. We can offer you any car of your taste and preference an we promise you will have the best vacation encounters in Rwanda. The Gorilla trekking permit costs US $1500 per person.